T-Slotted Angle Plate

Technical Specification of Cast Iron T-slotted Angle Plate
Jagdeep Cast Iron T-slotted Angle Plates are being used in various industries for varied application like vertical mounting of large jobs while machining, used as precision vertical base for Marking, Inspection, Fabrication, checking accuracy of other surfaces and many other types of operations.

Jagdeep T-slotted angle plates manufactured completely in house, with world class manufacturing facility equipped with CNC machines, starting from Design, Casting, Machining and till finish and packing to ensure product quality, with international standards like IS and DIN having Cored and ribbed construction, Cast Iron of grade starting from FG 200 (as per IS 210) OR GG-20 to FG-300 OR GG-30 (or higher) having hardness minimum 160 BHN.

Basic Features:

Profiles: Generally provided with T-slots sizes 18, 22, 28, 36mm conforming to IS:2013 / DIN 650 in tolerance from H12 to H7. Holes, square slots, guiding slots or other profiles on vertical as well as on bottom face may be provided as per requirement of customers.

Stress Relieving: Angle shall be manufactured with castings duly stress relieved, after rough machining to prevent distortion.

Large Size: Jagdeep T-slotted Angle Plates shall be manufactured in various sizes and combinations in single piece or multi piece construction depending upon application and requirement.

Flatness & Perpendicularity: T-slotted Angle Plates shall be manufactured with flatness of vertical and horizontal surface and perpendicularity of vertical surface with horizontal face or table face and per DIN 875.

Surface Finish: CNC finish or Hand Scrapped finish can be provided as per requirement.


Jagdeep T-slotted Angle plates can be supplied with in various sizes starting form height of 1000mm up to 5000mm in single piece. Multi piece construction can also be provided to use it and modular angle plate or Box table.

*Other sizes & combinations and with special features can be manufactured as per requirement.